Amber Walker

Amber Walker

How to Spot a "Girl"

Recently I asked a male friend of mine and fellow fitness center member to spot me doing seated lateral raises… what started as a serious shoulder workout ended in hysterics of laughter, with fellow gym goers left wondering what they were missing out on.  Apparently there is a set of rules somewhere about “how to spot a girl” with a fine line between being useful and looking creepy.  

 This reaction was a slight shock to me, as I don’t really care about what the rest of the gym thinks of my workouts. The gyms I have used spotters in or have been a spotter in the past have been “gyms” and not lifestyle and fitness centers. Since returning to the center during the week I have observed that the only exercise the boys spot each other on is the bench press.  (I say boys, as there are very few females who train in the free weights area, like many fitness centers the females stay on the cardio equipment, which is a whole topic for another post!!) Many of the boys have training partners but it seems they are all a little scared of standing too close to one another… When it comes to the bench press however I assume is the risk of dropping the weight on ones neck justifies another male standing so close?


In order to fast forward results spotters are useful for getting over sticking points and allowing you to use a heavier weight without being scared you will drop it. Spotters are useful not only when you are fatiguing, but are also of assistance getting the weight into a starting position without injuring yourself. You will get more out of your workout if you use your training partner to help spot you, rather than just using them as someone to talk to in between sets.


As for the right way to spot a girl that is socially acceptable when outside of a true “gym”…. I’m not exactly sure and although I tried to search for the "rules" I had no luck.  I can’t wait however to introduce my squat spotting technique in the offseason...